happy holi

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV - EF 24-105mm 1:4L IS USM - iso320 f/5.6 1/400 sec - Michael Grobe

The festival of colors again in India. Went out to the beach with a few fellows, which is admittedly quite a tough place to be as a stranger durig that day. Boys can get quite excited about getting you your load of colors...
You definitely want to seal your camera in some watertight plastic bags for shooting.

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV - EF 24-105mm 1:4L IS USM - iso1250 f/9 1/250 sec - Michael Grobe

The gear used to create this image:

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV: one of the best low light and sports cameras today. Canon's best image quality as of early 2012 (until the 1DX comes along...) makes this camera also highly desired for nature and landscape photography. I use it for fast and responsive street photography, too.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM: great all-round zoom lens for all occasions, when one lens on one body is all you want to carry.

Lightroom 4: the best tool for image management and manipulation on Windows and Macintosh. Just released the latest version 4 with a few really helpful additions.

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